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Crypto Masterclass Course Review, Best Dutch Crypto Course?

Dec 16

Patrick Suiker and Derek Westra are the creators of the Crypto Masterclass and have had the popular website for years.

As the name suggests, they share all their knowledge about cryptocurrencies on this website.

Both gentlemen have been working with crypto since 2013 and decided to share their knowledge.

Currently, the Crypto Masterclass is the most popular beginners course in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Patrick and Derek complement each other well, Patrick has completed entrepreneurship and Derek is a behavioral economist.

The Crypto Masterclass is a Video course that teaches you everything from A to Z about cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and everything that comes with buying and selling.

This training contains no less than 15 modules and 201 lessons and you also get access to the Crypto Portfolio with the 10 most popular crypto coins that they think you can profit from by buying them cheaply.

You also get lifetime access and always an up-to-date version. When I started it was 92 lessons so I have to update this review regularly as new lessons have been added.

Because it is a one-time purchase and Patrick Suiker and Derek Westra always look at the trends of the moment, you are always informed. They recently added an entire module in which you learn how to take maximum advantage in a declining market. So very valuable.

You also get several bonuses such as valuable e-books. I will of course go deeper into this in this Crypto Masterclass Review.

Below I have also included an extensive video in which I take you through the Crypto Masterclass and the modules.

Patrick Suiker and Derek Westra really made this Masterclass for beginners who want to take the first steps in the world of cryptocurrency such as bitcoins.

This course will teach you everything step by step, and the great thing is that you do not have to spend thousands of euros to buy crypto coins, for example for € 10.00 you own the first Bitcoins.

How nice would it be if you know everything about the well-known crypto coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and that you may have even bought a few crypto coins in this course and see them rise (or fall).

You will learn all this in this comprehensive course. In addition, the guys from AllesOverCrypto always look at trends and new lessons are added daily.