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How to Convince Your Boss to Allow Skip Work

Dec 16

If you want to skip work, you have to reassure your boss that you are willing to answer any questions regarding your absence, this shows that you are still responsible during your absence and maintain your professionalism as an employee. Using doctor’s notes will also serve as a means to communicate your status with your coworkers and your boss.

Doctors' notes are nothing new. Some use them for their discretion, some use them to meet business deadlines, and others use them when they're feeling under the weather. This can be a tricky situation because honesty is always the best policy in most jobs, but it has its limits.

Use Doctor's Note Wisely

To begin with, you should use medical note wisely. If notes may be used to explain an absence from work that is caused by illness or injury. You can use these notes, but it's best to use them wisely. If your company has a sick leave policy, check and see if doctor's notes are allowed before you decide to use this as a way out of work. If they're not, use them sparingly.

Your boss may be very understanding, especially if you're hard-working, but it's also possible he'll get on your case about taking too many days off work for illnesses or injuries that aren't really valid reasons to use medical notes. Being absent several times year after year, even if it is with a doctor's note, will also show your employer that there is a problem with work attendance.

Use a Trusted Doctor's Note

However, if you use the wrong doctor's note, you might find yourself in hot water. Know what your company expects from a medical note before using one as an excuse for missing work. Many employers use notes from doctors or doctors' offices to verify whether or not your absence was justified, and you need to use a note that is valid.

If your company expects a certain style of notes, such as one with the request for leave written on the bottom of the letterhead by hand, then use that if you can. Otherwise, use something similar that fits into what is expected at your place of work.